Our Story

We pride ourselves on offering a salon-exclusive tanning product. Bronze Leaf offers the discerning salon owner an exclusive tanning product that boasts nourishing ingredients and offers a natural-looking finish.

Full of the finest organic ingredients that hydrate, tone and firm skin while giving a flawless, natural-looking colour, Bronze Leaf works with the melanin in your skin, tanning not just the surface but the skin cells beneath, providing an even-fade and silky-smooth skin.

Founded by Dublin-born Karen Walker in 2011, and based in Lisburn County Antrim, Bronze Leaf prides itself on supporting salons and spas across Ireland by providing exclusivity on a quality, self-tanning product and by building long-term personal relationships with salon owners and beauty therapists who use it.

Our fast-acting tan has been shown to increase salon tanning revenue; our concentrated-formula gives you 20 full-body tans per litre - meaning no overspray, reduced waste and a more comfortable spray-tan experience for both you and your client.

Manufactured in the USA, Bronze Leaf is made in small batches to ensure you receive the freshest product possible by using only the highest quality and eco-certified organic DHA.


Meet Karen

Passionate about customer service, quality, and excellence I have created a salon-exclusive tanning brand that your clients will love! Bronze Leaf launched in Ireland in 2011 offering a unique, organic formula enriched with moisturisers and exotic botanical extracts to help tone and firm skin, fight cellulite and provide a natural-looking finish.

Committed to working with salon owners, my business model is based on cultivating and nurturing personal relationships, you can be assured that I focus on customer service, support, and excellence.

Having spent over 15 years professionally in the travel and beauty industry during which time I was working with some of the country’s leading salons and spas; they all wanted a quality tanning product that was not available on the High Street, and I decided it was time to give them what they asked for!

I believe that Bronze Leaf has unlocked the key ingredients for health, beauty and self-indulgence. A pleasure to besavoured and enjoyed!

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