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Bronze Leaf allows you to offer your clients an exclusive, skin-nourishing, superior spray tan that fades evenly and provides silky-smooth skin. Developed to the highest standards, Bronze Leaf is full of the finest organic ingredients that hydrate, tone and firm skin while giving a flawless, natural-looking colour.

Professional Spray Tan


Suitable for all skin types and perfect for those who love a natural, golden colour, or those who are new to Bronze Leaf of tanning. Best suited to people with fair skin, who would normally burn easily upon exposure to the sun (15-25 mins).


The most widely used within the range, among the majority of clients. This will again suit all skin types. Best suited to people with medium skin tones who would normally tan but burn after a longer period of time (25-40mins).


Suitable for clients who tan often and will usually opt for a darker shade. It is the longest-lasting option as there is a higher percentage of DHA applied to the skin. Best suited for those who tan darkly with skin which would not burn in the sun for a period of at least 40 minutes.


Tanning Revolution

This is a brand new tanning solution from Bronze Leaf that uses enhanced DHA penetration to ensure that the tanning process is much faster acting, taking just 2-6 hours before you can shower,   beneficial solution for those clients with busy schedules. Not only does it provide greater convenience for clients on the move, but it is also a fantastic option for those who want to avoid discolouration on bedding, or for those who have an event to attend and ‘no time to wait’ before they can shower.

Shower at 2 hours for a light depth tan
Shower at 4 hours for a medium depth tan
Shower at 6 hours for a dark depth tan

Important- your tan will continue to deepen over the next 36 Hours

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