Bronze Leaf Brides

March 25 2019
By: Karen

As every girl knows, your wedding day is one of those special days when you want to look perfect. You will have hair trials, make-up trials, dress fittings, nail polish colour confirmed and every preparation complete to look and feel amazing for that special day.

Having gone to such time and effort to create the ultimate model image, the one thing you do not want to get wrong is your tan.

Bronze Leaf has only brown tones in its’ innovative formula, therefore it photographs beautifully and you can be assured that you will look like you took a week off to the sunny Mediterranean prior to the big day!

Many brides who want to be tanned for their big day forget that although they may appear gorgeous and brown when photographed alone, they may risk contrasting with the rest of the bridal party, particularly the groom. Bronze Leaf Light is the perfect bridal tan and will ensure that you look healthy and naturally bronzed, but most importantly not too dark next to your new husband.

Bronze Leaf contains the finest of organic ingredients, including moisturisers specially formulated to allow for the perfect fade, and gone are the days of ‘snake looking skin’ as it wears off. So when you have reached your honeymoon destination you can be confident that you still have the gorgeous natural Bronze Leaf tan that you had on your special day.