Great news! The 2-6 hour tanning revolution has arrived

March 23 2019
By: Karen

This revolutionary new rapid tanning product takes just 2-6 hours to develop, and allows you to control the depth of your tan by choosing for yourself when to shower it off.

Showering times to achieve your desired colour:

  • Light – Shower at 2 hours
  • Medium – Shower at 4 hours
  • Dark – Shower at 6 hours

Now you can choose your colour!

Remember all Bronze Leaf products contain the finest exotic organic botanical extracts and deep moisturisers which can help tone and firm the skin whilst developing a naturally sunkissed glow.

After you’ve showered, the active tanning agent (DHA) is still working on your skin and will take 12 – 24 hours to develop your full chosen colour. Please note: It is not recommended that you let the product develop for longer than 6 hours.

Isn’t it time you joined the tanning revolution?

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