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£ 19.50

How to Apply

Step 1

Pre Prep | Have a long shower and use your towel to exfoliate the body, especially your ankle area and knees

Step 2

Application | the more you apply the darker you will be! Apply in long circular movements, leaving hands and feet last. While tanning the legs apply downwards over the knee area just once so not to gather too much product.

Step 3

Hands and feet | Apply a little water to the mitt to lessen the concentration for the hands and feet, let air dry for a moment and then buff your knuckle and ankle area on a towel. Voila - a perfect Bronze Leaf tan!

Step 4

After Care | In case of any stubborn tan wipe away using baby wipes! Do not rub your skin dry, applying a moisturiser with slightly prolong your tan but there really is no need with our nourishing plant extracts your skin will be silky smooth.


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